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۱۳۹۶ مرداد ۱۱, چهارشنبه

Azadeh Namdari is one of iranian agents in Switzerland with her husband

Rahim Ebadi father of Sejad Ebadi
Rahim ebadi one of the Iranian regime and basijs terrorist leader
Azadeh Namdari is one of iranian agents in Switzerland with her husband

Everybody must know right now those Iranian spies in Switzerland try to play a role in order to get a residence permit in Switzerland in order to ease spying against other Iranian political opposition members in Switzerland.
As information we have received Azadeh Namdari with some women in Europe those women work for Iranian intelligence service against Iranian opposition members in European countries.
Azadeh Namdari Iranian agents with two widows living in Switzerland Mahvash sali Chegeni Iranian agents with four women living in Germany.
Because we call on Switzerland do not give asylum Azadeh Namdari she with her husband is both Iranian agents.
Sajjad Ebadi, son of Rahim Ebadi Rahim Ebadi still works within the Iranian regime and has a high record within the three-seat area.
Sajjad Ebadi, son of Rahim Ebadi, head of the reformed youth organization, and Farideh Mashini, a participant of the Front, Sajjad Ebadi, divorced her first wife just 12 days before media coverage of her marriage to Azadeh Namdari, the 23nd of Shahrivar.

That is the same university where his father is the deputy
Rahim Ebadi was the father of Sajjad in the seventh government, the government of the brothers, the deputy minister of education, and his positive relationship with the head of the government reformed him under the leadership of the National Youth Organization and the advisor to the head of the eighth government.
Rahim Ebadi, now his father is Azara, is an Assistant Professor at the University of Cultural Studies and a member of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Founder and Deputy Minister of Nursing University of Mehrabeld is the first virtual university in Iran.

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