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۱۳۹۶ اردیبهشت ۱۱, دوشنبه

An open letter to the international to protect the Kurdish people.

An open letter to the international to protect the Kurdish people.
We urge the international to protect the Kurdish people of northern Syria rojava and set a border with the Turkish Barbarian regime in order that Turkey can not attack the Kurdish people, today the Kurdish people need two things to protect themselves from the Turkish Barbarian regime's attack. International give strong weapons to the Kurdish people in order to defend themselves against the Turkish Barbarian regime, which usually kills Kurdish children and families every day.
UN to provide protection areas in the Kurdistan no enemy war plan to be able to move in the area.
Yesterday isis the Islamic brutal terror organization attacked yazidi and killed more than 34,000 people and kidnapped more than 50000 women and girls from 12 years to 40 are old today Erdogan the Turkish dictatorship attack Yazidi in Shengal and sanjar and kill Yazidi Erdogan one of them so always Supports Islamic terrorists against the Kurdish people.
Because we urge international and the UN to specifically protect yazidi in Shekhan Shengal, sanjar and basheqa and part of the mosul area belonging to yazidi.
International can set a fly zone for the Yazidi area in order that no enemy war plan or no enemy halicopter can move in the yazidi area.
International gunmen well yazidi people to defend themselves against Islamic barbarian terrorists
Samuel Kermashani

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