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۱۳۹۶ اردیبهشت ۲۴, یکشنبه

Right now Erdogan wants to use Turkish old methods against the Kurdish people.

Right now Erdogan wants to use Turkish old methods against the Kurdish people.
Long time the Turks managed to fool the Kurdish people.
At the abdulhamid time the Kurdish people were fooled,
So to get their own country to the Kurdish people. But it never happened in northern Kurdistan.

At kamal ataturk the time when Turkey was weak and did not have the chance to fight against France and Britain.
Kamal Ataturk told the Kurds we are a brother and Turkey belongs to the Kurdish and Turkish people, together we will build a free country.
Even Kamal Ataturk has promised Kurdish people to give the Kurds Autonomy to fight the Kurds against others who fight against Turkey. But when kemal ataturk became strong everything went to hell for the Kurdish people. He cheated Kurds. Kamal Ataturk killed many kurds.
When Kamal Ataturk became strong then since Kamal Ataturk gave words to his military to kill Kurdish leaders and even those Kurdish people who are not Muslims.
In Dersim Turkish military in 1937, killed more than 80000 people in northern Kurdistan. Those who were murdered by Kamal Ataturk were children and civilians.
Right now Erdogan found a kurdish stupid man who calls himself Masoud Barzani and tries on this courteous stupid man to convey his dirty ideas against the Kurdish people.
Erdogan has made many attempts against Kurdish movement,
 But never succeeded, but this time, Erdogan wants to convey his dirty and disgusting ideas against Kurdish movement through the Kurdish stupidity man Masoud Barzani.
2010 Erdogan met with Turkish Supreme Officers and Generals and discussed Turkey's future and how is Turkey going to fight against the Kurdish people? One of the Turkish general asked Erdogan, do you have a good relationship with Masoud Barzani?

Erdogan answered yes we have good relationship with that idiot man barzani is stupid in the head we can use this stupid man for turkish interest against  Kurds.

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