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۱۳۹۲ خرداد ۳, جمعه

An open letter to the European people

An open letter to the European people
I I share my grief with the British Kingdom family
What has happened in England a threatening letter from Islamic extremists to European countries, now the Muslims have shown how very dangerous for democracy and freedom in the European countries, they can kill people at any time, I think the European countries should be classified Islamists as the Nazis because they are a major threat to European society. The Muslims do not respect women as human beings even in Islamic countries there is no human rights how they will get all of the European countries? they want the mosque they want to have their own Sharia law and require years and years to get an Islamic law in the European countries and the politicians are cowards in the European countries.
The European politicians should see what happens in Egypt, Lybian, syria and iran afghanistan and various Islamic countries, I think that European politicians should stop those of us who live in European countries want a neat and clean society do not want terrorists and psychopaths in our society we want to be calm and quiet in our society.
with greetings Samuel kermashani

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