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۱۳۹۱ بهمن ۳, سه‌شنبه

Omar Gúneys uncle is a General in the Turkish intelligence mit. who killed three Kurdish activist women in france

Omar Güney uncle is the general of the Turkish intelligence mit, Omar Guney trained by his uncle before going to europe how to kill people, trained by the Turkish Intelligence mit
  The Turkish Intelligence
  trained Omar Guney how he will murder people and how to plan to kill them three activist women in France.
Turkish intelligence long ago planned to kill Sakina and her friends if they would check on the wikileaks information may be willing to those planned in the year 2008, but they could not go further until those Turkish media propagated that the Turkish regime wants dialogue with Öcalan in emraly, it was a tactic to make their plan against the Kurds in Northern kurdistan
Omar Guney 19 days before killing them three women went to Turkey wrote that the Turkish newspaper huryat
Turkish terrorist Omar Gunay is a Secretary Turkish Intelligence Service (MIT)
The Turkish terrorist Omar Gunay is a Turk who is the General of the Turkish intelligence mit. Right now, the Turkish regime is very dangerous to come join the eu with Eu, damn it's a terrorist regime the Eu would look at a terrorist country to come and join with Eu and European people do not want things regimen is Fascist, racist also terrorist, no we do not want terrorists and fascists in Europe we want peace, we want our people to live in peace, safety and security. this picture sendet by a friend from turkye   we did not want any terrorist here in European country.


Omar Guney den terrorist mannen som gripit av fransk polis   i frankrike  är en General i den turkiska underrättelsetjänsten mit.

Turkiska terroristen Omar Gunay är en generalsekreterare turkiska underrättelsetjänsten (MIT)
Den turkiska terrorist  omar Gúnay är en turk  som är General i den turkiska underrättelsetjänsten mit.  Just nu den turkiska regimen är väldigt farliga för att komma bli medlem med eu  med Eu, fy fan det är en terrorist regim hur Eu skulle leta på en terrorist land som skulle komma och bli medlem med Eu  och europeiska folk vill inte ha sånt regim som är fascist , rasist också terrorist, nej vi vill inte ha terrorister och fascister i Europa  vi vill ha lugn och ro vi vill att vårt folk leva i fred , trygghet och säkerhet

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